How we can help you...

At cma we provide specialist and best practice change management services
to facilitate the delivery of change initiatives and projects by successfully managing the
people-side of change and developing staff who are change-ready and resilient.

Plus we offer business advisory services with a quality and continuous
improvement mindset. These advisory services include:

> vision setting and strategic planning,
> strategy development and implementation,
> business process analysis,
> quality management and
> project management.

We use a 3 phased approach to delivering our services.
A taste of what you can expect from our services includes:

1. Prepare your organisation



> facilitate vision setting and strategic planning

> understand your organisational perspective and cultural characteristics

> know your organisation's change capability and history with change

> assess risks and challenges before you take action


OUTCOME: Change management strategy, project proposal, business strategy

2. Manage the process to achieve results



> a proactive process to accelerate change and manage resistance before problems arise

> a structured process which can be integrated at any stage, and at all levels

> management training via one to one coaching and group workshops

> executive coaching programs to support management to succeed


OUTCOME: Master change plan, change management plans, project plan, operational plan



3. Grow capability within your organisation



> coach and mentor sponsors, managers & team leaders on leading change

> measure and evaluate critical success factors

> knowledge-transfer from us to you, building change-able and resilient staff

> manage pockets of resistance and implement corrective actions


OUTCOME: Feedback analysis, gap diagnosis, post implementation review


has made a major contribution to the recognition of Change Management as a critical success factor in successful change and to the establishment of the Change Management profession. Through its seven Best Practices in Change Management Benchmarking Reports (2011, 2009, 2007, 2005, 2003, 2000 and 1998) Prosci has proven that effective Change Management is strongly correlated with successful change.

Prosci® Change Management methodology is a structured process for managing the people side of change on a project or initiative which is research-based, holistic, easy to apply and scalable to any size organisation and/ or change project. This process can be linked with project management plans and schedules, minimising ‘people’ risk to project deliverables. The likelihood of delivering a project on time, on budget and within scope increases significantly as people challenges and opportunities are identified and managed.