Why choose cma?

cma's principal consultant, Keli MacRae, is an authentic and engaging facilitator and manager
with business acumen who also carries a passion for managing the people-side of change.

A deep understanding of the impact of change has been developed through a number of management roles in addition to over 6 years of study in various disciplines that relate
both to business management and people management.

An experienced and influential manager and collaborator who:

> comprehends the psychology of change,
> seeks to understand and strategise with political situations and potential threats,
> uses sensitivity and perception to motivate and influence others,
> sees the 'big picture' whilst getting to the core of any issue, and
> is an experienced and certified Prosci© Change Management practitioner.

For choosing cma you can expect:

> to achieve business objectives
> have projects on time and on budget
> costs will be lower, revenue increased and quality improved
> best practice, industry-researched advisory and consulting services
> minimised risk as people challenges and opportunities are identified and managed
> return on investment

Contact Us...

We know that each change initiative, project, organisation and group of people
are unique and so we tailor our services to suit you.


mobile: +61 437 744 472

email: keli@changemattersaustralia.com.au




"Change has a bad reputation in our society. But it isn't
all bad - not by any means. In fact,
change is necessary
in life -

to keep us moving ... to keep us growing ... to keep us interested

... imagine life without change

… it would be static ... boring ... dull."

Dr. Dennis O'Grady
in Bottom Line - Personal