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Welcome to Change Matters Australia | Change Management


Change Matters Australia is a newly formed organisation that is passionate about providing results-driven services that enable businesses to successfully manage the people-side of change. Change Matters Australia believes that its services build change-ready people who look for and maximise opportunities for growth and development within their organisations.

The following information will be coming soon:

> eal (equine assisted learning) programs

> emt (equine myofunctional therapy) details

Our objectives

> to support the development of your business initiatives by providing strategic advice and business strategies which will transition your good ideas into must have business needs and desired outcomes

> to assist you in successfully managing business planning and project development to ensure projects are clearly defined, stay on track and that impacts to staff are considered

> to provide specialist and industry-based advice on change management matters (Prosci®) , including tactics for managing resistance and staff engagement

> to guide and mentor yourself and your staff in developing and growing change-ability and resilience skills, and

> to be professional and genuine in our approach to working with you.

Your result

> Best practice, industry-researched advisory and consulting services
> Minimised risk as people challenges and opportunities are identified and managed
> Return on investment.